Calculate annualized return fails with an exception

A test is failing. Did you check which test? What’s it for? Did you use the debugger to run a test by adding breakpoints and see why its failing?

If your code is failing test cases in line number 60

then probably you’re mission something. And in error function name also be given in which function call you’re failing. Are you sorting an array in descending order as per TODO’s of this module is yes then use a debugger to search problem? Else Just do this sorting part and try to debug your code.

Try to figure out if your code is able to get the desired output. Please check your code and try to handle all the possible cases.

Hey @Shashank, Have a look here - How to pass Calculate Returns Varying Date Ranges and Calculate Returns Old Trades

I am doing todos given in milestone 1 of module 3 . I was trying to execute gradle command written in that todo after completing function annualized return but my single return function is still empty so I have a doubt is that why my gradle command is not working?

We can always use the debugger to ascertain our propositions :slight_smile:

If you think this is the problem then go for milestone 2 where you have to call this function.

Maybe after that you will be able to understand the problem. However debugging is the preferred option.

I suggest you to make use of debugger .
Verify the arguments abd response you are getting by debugging with the test related to that function