Build Successful but Assesment Failed QMoney Module 2

Build Successful but Assesment Failed
2020-03-10 18:26:20,659 unitTesting INFO Running gradle test
2020-03-10 18:26:39,799 unitTesting INFO Gradle test run complete
2020-03-10 18:26:39,801 unitTesting INFO Build failed

Build Successful:

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As you are saying the local build has passed, these are few tips to resolve the online build failure

1: Please see by any chance the test file is altered or not. The slightest alter let’s say one line will result in online build fail. So see it carefully.

2: There is a probably a possibility that you’ve hardcoded some data in your functions.

3: There might be some edge test cases, which are usually hidden test files that are getting failed online. For this, you need to take care of resolving all the edge possibilities which could have failed the online build.

make sure your mainreadFile function exists

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Hey @prakul,

I think you accepted all the incoming changes for module 2 and ignored the functionalities you implemented in module 1.

You have to be very focused and conscious when you’re solving merge conflicts for any new module.

Note: when you add new functionalities in any new module you must preserve your previous functionalities for previous modules because in every new module assessment your previous modules tests are checked. If you alter any previous functionalities then your assessment will fail after you push your code for assessment.

There must be some test-case failure on their side because “BUILD SUCCESSFUL” on your local means you have passed all test cases which are available on your work space but when you do git push they run assessment with test-cases available at your side as well as some other hidden test cases.
So try to understand tests which have been failed. they are available on assessment tab.

Thanks a lot.
I wasn’t careful with the merge at the time of pulling.
Bringing back the Module 1 functions passes the assesment.

Closing this topic as your issue has been resolved by the community.

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