Build failure : Unable to find the messages for secure login

I added the packets of TLS handshake message for this pcap file but then even I am getting this build failure message.

@AmoghaKS @aanu1143 Can you help me out here?

What does the build log says…

2020-02-15 09:26:46,323 unitTesting INFO Assessing
2020-02-15 09:26:46,564 unitTesting INFO Failure: Unable to find the messages for secure login

2020-02-15 09:26:46,571 unitTesting INFO File: | Status: TEST_STATUS_FAILURE

The TLS handshake will have …client Hello, too…
I think it’s cz those packets are missing in your pcap file

But in the packet_numbers_for_ssl_handshake file, we just have to write the packet numbers of TLS handshake? @AmoghaKS

In this pcap file, I again filtered the port. Then which packet we have to consider? The one with TLS handshake message ?

Yea as I said…u missed the first TLS packet itself…lookout…(am referring to the 1st image here)

Must include every packets…( note: one complete set)

Packets should include

connection request (//hello )
n few more…it should include one complete set of packets

You mean every TLSv1.2 protocol packets forms a complete set? If yes, does that include connecting to the server also or only packets captured during transfer?

I meant, there may be multiple tls handshakes. Use 1 among them.

double click on packet related to TLS. If its related to handshake, Transport Layer security will have some useful information for you.(in the dropdown).this definitely helps you.

filter for tls packets in wireshark and mention the packet number till your new session is created
seperating with comma

@senti143 I followed your suggestion and wrote all these packets separated by comma but still I get the build failure for same reason. This is my pcap file after filtering TLS :

I am doing it @AmoghaKS still getting build failure :frowning:

use filter and filter out all the tls protocols packets.

Refer this because you have to give all the packet numbers who are involved in the tls handshake.

Why there are no packets pertaining information about certificates. The ones which can be seen in the 1st picture you uploaded. Check that
also, If you are filtering then exporting specified packets. Packet numbers aren’t gonna be same since the number of packets are reduced and new pkt numbers will be assigned

yeah. But the filter he used works properly. So not a problem.

look their may be an issue you should try to capture those packets once again. And try it.