Build failure, 3/4 test cases failing in module 1

I have not hard coded anything(I think so), still I’m getting the same error as discussed on the forum previously. My problem didn’t solve by those answers, please help me out.

Can you please elaborate more like which test case is failing, What did you do ? What is your hypothesis ?

Go to the test file for ue module debug each test separately and u will find ur way!

Hi @Ayush_Agarwal

When I faced that number of failed test cases, I found tackling them one by one was very helpful. Sometimes resolving for one case also cleared more test cases.

As for how to resolve them, the best way for you to get assistance on forum will be to show which vases are failing. You can find them written on terminal when you run the build command.

As a generic suggestion, you can always go over forum, see if anyone faced same failed test as you did and what was the solution to it. Also, try checking once if you have followed all TODOs to the last letter.

Let me know if this issue persists!

Yes. I have resolved the issue(typo error). Thank you very much everyone :slight_smile:

That’s great to hear. Please close the topic then by marking any comment you found useful as solution.