Build Failed with no other info

My assessment results:

2020-02-29 22:05:01,017 unitTesting INFO Running gradle test
2020-02-29 22:05:20,856 unitTesting INFO Gradle test run complete
2020-02-29 22:05:20,858 unitTesting INFO Build failed

Please Help @ajay-crio @anand-crio @chandra-kiran_crio !!! I’ve tried almost everything.

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Mention the names of test which are failing.

On the assessment page or in the assessment report in your mail, there will a list of test(s) which are failing. Please share that.

No such thing is mentioned.
The testing log is as I have given under assessment results.

It does come in mail. Please check it again. Logs won’t contain anything in this module.

  • An issue was encountered while running your assessment:
  • alertTask qmoney:compileTestJava failed!
  • actionDebug your code to figure out what went wrong
  • Log files (if attached) can help you debug the issue. Fix it and submit for assessment again.
  • User & ME Details
  • Username: shabbirchatrissa
  • Micro-Experience: ME_QMONEY
  • Build Report Last run: 3/1/20 4:47 AM
  • Iteration: 8
  • Trigger: Started by Gitlab Push
  • Stage: Unit Testing
  • Commit Details: xyz

This is what the email contains.

And the unit testing log that comes with the email contains the same thing as what I originally sent.

Even I am stuck here.
The build is successful but while submitting for asssessment,
I also get the same error.

Tell me if you find something @Suyash . @ajay-crio @anand-crio @chandra-kiran_crio just give us a hint in which direction to work.

If any tests were failing I would at least have an idea where I am going wrong, here I am completely clueless.

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Let me check your code first.

You are calculating the annual return in a wrong way.
Hint- check your annReturn :slight_smile:

@gouravsardana please let me know my issue.

I’ve change the annReturn (|totalReturns|) still unable to get past this issue.

Did you modify anything inside the test file?

Sir, i changed annualizedReturn/getAnnualizedReturn to annReturn but then i read your answer on another such post and i undid changes by using git log and git show.

Any updates, sir? @anand-crio

Message indicates that you have compilation error.
Which means you have modified some method signatures. Provided by us.
Check if you have done that.

A quick check is to verify if you have modified any test file. If you modify anything in test, it will make your local build pass, but the assessment will fail.

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I’ll check it again sir.