Build failed in module 3

it is giving me an error in confirm_server_listening in module 3. i already have confirmed my vsftpd_v1.conf file.

in this module the evaluation is on the basis of log file generated by your vsftpd server. Make sure log file has an entry for a connection establishment between server and ftp client. please make some transfer with a local user and paste that log file for evaluation and save results of netstat as described in module 3 milestone 1.

If you are getting a local client not connected successfully feedback in the unit testing log, this could help

i got this type of error " Could not find the entries to confirm that server is listening in file /rupinthummar-ME_QBOX-a1d41264-50f9-11ea-80d2-33f9618868bc/rupinthummar-ME_QBOX/client_server/server_connections"

Just complete only milestone 1 again. You haven’t completed that milestone.

thank you bro , i got build success

Please mark the solution.