Build error in module 3

I have had 4th build error in ‘confirm external client server communication’
What does this test case do…
Everything is working if i do it manually… But i get build failure.
Any precaution that I need to take care when pushing the code?
Both filezilla and the android app are working fine

Can Anybody please help ?

have you put your vsftpd.log file at mentioned destination and look into your vsftpd.log file make sure it is capturing the log for file transfer between source and destination.

vsftpd.log file is at the mentioned destination and yes I had checked the log file, it is logging the files that I had transfered using the desktop and android client, still “confirm_external_client_server_communication” is failing, what could be the problem?

@jyotirmoy-paul Looks like this is resolved. Please confirm

Yes the issue is resolved.

How this issue got resolved??
My build is failing for
I checked everything that i could do including checking GitLab for changes, log file present at correct location.
Please help…stuck for over an hour…

I’m also getting error at confirm_external_client_server_communication
Manually it is working fine. I’ve tested. Need help.

Test was failing because it wasn’t able to read the log file. change owner to crio-user for client_server/vsftpd.log file using chown as sudo. Will pass.

hey just for .log file the user be crio-user and for conf it will be root is that what you did because making both user crio I am unable to start the server