Build error even after review was succesfull

I have submitted and review was uploaded on Pinterest but it fails the test case
I have been working on this from the past 2 hours
In my unit-testing log file I could see assertion error
can anyone hint me whats going on?

try checking your file .Check if all the values entered match the format of the file.In my case I added strings as value but the values had to be plainly written

values are plainly written
using postman and qeat app the reviews are being posted without any isuue and also when i submit it
only problm is it’s not passing the testcase

well for starters try going through your code once again.Did you write code for the same or did you just use the Postman GUI?

I have written the code, when i checked the unittesting log i could see some assertion error

share the log file of the assessment here

The error concludes this:
Pinterest API: Looks you have hit the per hour API limit

Try: Pinterest assessment fails due to hitting the API rate limit

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it worked, thanks for your replies