Buid Failure in milestone 3

I successfully downloaded the file to server from filezilla, it says successful transfer. So, why i am getting this error ?

Here is the screenshot of my transfers

Are there some more steps which we need to performed after downloading because after transfer successful on filezilla i directly pushed the code .

You have downloaded the files to your private machine. They had asked to do it to the crio workspace itself(ftp_client folder)

Filezilla is a GUI ftp client, right? Anyway, you’d have to do the file download and upload using the ftp command itself.

For the assessment, they’ll be checking your vsftpd.log file to know if you had made a successful upload/download. So, try to check its contents too.

How to download and upload using ftp command and filezilla ?
Like in previous task using get and put ?

Oh, sorry. I thought this was Module 3 milestone 2.

download file from your desktop/mobile .
I used andFtp app and download the file from crio-workspace to mobile

This is Milestone 4.

All these download/upload steps has to be done using download / upload button in filezilla, right ?

yes you are right …

Did the issue resolved?

Yes. It is resolved.