Both hidden cases are failing

I am getting build successful,
The app is also running

please eleborate your issue.

com.crio.qeats.controller.RestaurantControllerDebugModuleHiddenTest1 > hiddenTest2() FAILED
org.opentest4j.AssertionFailedError at

com.crio.qeats.controller.RestaurantControllerDebugModuleHiddenTest2 > hiddenTest1() FAILED
java.lang.RuntimeException at

hello @vishruth
can you please share what issue you think of app crash?

It may be due to large amount of data recieved ~400 restaurants
I checked it out while I returned 4-5 restaurants,then it wont crash

If we think logically,
Do you want Zomato to show you only 10-12 restaurants? We wouldn’t want that right?
Number should not be the issue if we think logically.

hint: is your frontend capable of handling everything from backend, look through your list of restaurnats in postman and see if you could find anything in there.

@Anmol-Crio_TA I exactly know the problem about encoding but is there even a “right” way to solve it ? I tried different possible solutions for it (which I am avoiding to disclose here) but with no luck. Different teams can solve this problem differently, your hidden test cases may represent just one of those.

Edit(for future visitors): There are multiple ways to go about this bug and test cases pass for all of the ways. The error I was getting was something unrelated.

hello @mohitks
There is not a single way to reach to solution, you can have multiple paths,
However dev work is about hit and trial too, sometimes you get stuck and don’t know what might be the problem so you jus explore all possible scenarios, me telling the right way may not be the perfect way for you, since everyone has their way to debug. :slight_smile:

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