Bad commit, hard reset mess

Following a bad commit, I did a hard reset to the previous module, but I can still see the bad commit on the gitlab page and have module 3 files like, etc. in the local directory. So, now I am unable to commit and am prompted to resolve the merge conflict, but I don’t know how to. Tried to force push, but apparently not allowed to do so. Please guide me out of this mess.

Even after reverting to the module 2 commit, when I try to setup the remote repository for module 3, I get a fatal error saying that it already exists.
So, probably the problem is when I pull the code stubs for module 3.


  1. git reset --hard HEAD
  2. git pull <Module_setup>
  3. solve merge conflicts.
  4. Start solving the milestones.

I can solve the merge conflicts when I pull the code stubs (using the accent both changes or other options), but after I solve the milestones and try to commit my code, the previous incomplete solution (the bad commit) is still present remotely and those are the merge conflicts that I am unable to understand how to solve.
And also, when I pull the code stubs, the is empty.

The 3rd screenshot above is what I get after I have updated the correct solution for the module in the local files…

Use git remote -v
find your third module stubs name. Copy that third module name and use git remote remove

Then again follow the instructions for that module

It’s still saying there is a merge conflict…

Solve the merge conflicts for that particular file and then you will be able to commit

Okay, so I resolved the merge conflicts, but now I am getting this error while pushing.