Average memory during upload or download of 1 gb file

how to get the average memory during upload or download of the file
I am monitoring the vsftpd_v1 process correctly by outputting it to a .txt file and changing the periodicity of top to 1seconds for 20 iterations I am able to get the average cpu usage
but I am clueless about

average memory during upload and download, it shows the same 0.1 perc

please can anyone guide in right direction, instructions and not that clear to figure it out

Hey, you are making the transfer using FTP in the VSFTPD server, please have a lookout for these 2 particular options while checking the memory.
Your issue will be solved :slight_smile:

which two options should I need to check

Note that the memory to be monitored is in MB. Not in %. In the top command, try to understand each column and pick the correct one.