Average memory calculation

Do we have to consider the RES of the 2 ftp processes that can be seen in the image for calculating the average memory?

You have to consider RES memory, but which process to monitor you have to decide on your own. See the below link for reference.

Just notice the top output while transferring a file. You will notice a different process suddenly coming up the list. Figure out which process that is and observe res for that process

I can see the same 3 vsftpd processes that were there before transferring the file.

Try doing one thing, start the ftp connection and then use ps -ef. You will see a new process.

Use ps -ef before ftp connection. And then use it after making the ftp connection. The newly added child process of vsftpd will be seen

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The average memory taken during both upload and download is same. Is this correct?

Yes, it could be almost same. Just remember one thing for module 4, just believe in yourself and trust the outputs you observe.

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Okay. Thanks for your time. Really grateful for it.

Keep grinding. Edit the topic name with SOLVED suffix or just mark it as solved so other can know.