Average memory and increase in memory

I am a little confused as to take which value for average memory ,the value which includes vrtual,sharable and actual or just the actual while calculating and the same for calculating the increase.

For increase in memory ,I noticed there are two ftp processes getting terminated at the end of top process,which one should I take?

We have a potential FAQ for this, which will give you a clarification in the different types of memories.

Can average memory taken during upload of a file and download of a file be same?Also I am finding there’s a decrease in memory ,is it possible or am I observing the wrong value?

These are exactly the learnings we want you to have as part of this milestone.

Compare the versions and check.

I’m monitoring the right process and for memory usage I took the values under RES am i right because that particular unit test case is failing

How are you automating it in python?

is it right if we have an observation of decrease in RES ? do we have to take the difference ?