Automating analysis in module 4

Do we have to write python script for all the stuff that we have done till now, like transferring file with ftp, analysing using top etc. Don’t you think it is going to be very difficult? Can someone provide me a little hint. Do we have to write functions like confirm_high_cpu_usage_versions??

Hey, you have to understand the task at hand,
Baseline your vsftpd_v1 and compare different versions of vsftpd from it.
Note down the analysis :slight_smile:

I want to ask that we need other version data to compare. How would I generate that analysis? By running all the python programs that are specified!

Please check the Taskboard :slight_smile:

Do we also need to code the transfering the file with ftp in the analysis??

I have checked it but I cannot understand. I just want to ask if we have to code all the things we have done so far manually?

Yes, that is the ask here. Automate the things you have done manually till now.
Try your best to write the script. These are the kind of tasks you’ll come across at work.
Refer Running Parallel Terminals while automation

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Means to run the server,transfer file to the server, analyse using top command and then comparing with the benchmark version, I need to write the python script!! Seems a very difficult task

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Hey! Did you get something on this?

Brother you have to do all the things by creating script, like starting server, transfering file and analysing transfer. You can use the threaded model