AttributeError: module 'restaurants' has no attribute 'clarifai_tag_suggestions'

  1. Describe the issue briefly
    I am getting this error in where I had to call the get_tags_suggestions() function from But it is present in the restraunts folder.
  2. How much time have you spent debugging this issue?
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    20 mins.
  3. What is your hypothesis?

check how to call function from one to another file using python.

import the filename.function name, that should do it.

Hi @fakerodeo, please try importing the function in file.

I did it, now i want to submit the code again and again go for assessment.
How to do it?

You can try pushing the code again and the assessment will start.

I also needed some help in converting the response we get from clarifai into a python list

Please look more into extracting the data from json format in python.

I am not getting how to access the outputs:[{ data:[{ concepts }] }] as we need to make a list of the tags in concepts

You can refer this

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Thanks man, that helped. I didn’t knew that the indices also have to be given.

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When I upload any image from the app, the tags seem to coming for the biryani image.
I have used the url that is passed as argument, where am I going wrong?

@fakerodeo This issue has been closed. If you have doubts on other topic, please create a new thread.