Assessment yet not started

i have completed all task in module 2 but in assessment it’s showing that We haven’t started your Assessment yet! , i also pushed a code

Hey, did your issue get resolved?
If not, make any small change (like adding a new line in any file) and then push the code. Because, evaluating system works only if there is some new change in code pushed.

i already commit code but assesment not start

If you push code which is similar to previously pushed code, the assessment won’t start. So please try making a small change like adding a new line in any file and push the code again. Yes, do it again. Then, the assessment should start.

5 times i change code and push still not start

its not working

Pradip - Most likely your issue is this - Next Module not getting unlocked
I see you are getting assessment emails.

Sachin - same is true for you as well.

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