Assessment showing error in module 3, please check i have gone through every steps on forum

i am facing not connected error in both local and external
ps:I have used 8081 for both ftp_client and ftp_server and upload and download files and both are getting transferred.
also i have used 2 mobile clients, (hope it isn’t any problem) i am able to transfer all files to both devices and can download it.
also i have copied my log file in the last,pushed my code to repo and then still the same error.
please help its too confusing now.
here’s the ss of my log file

Try redoing it. First upload upload.txt to server folder and download it over there. Upload the download.txt and download it at the client side. Then upload image from filezilla (Desktop) to your QBox. Download that image from your mobile. Upload a new image from your mobile. Follow this route and check if the error gets resolved.

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as @sukhdeepgill tells + also continuously follow the netstat

1.i am doing 8081 for local ftp and workspace ip for mobile clients.(when i am uploading file through mobile client on QBox server it is showing when i am doing ls command while connecting locally.
2. yes it is transferring to correct location, i have opened a file using cat and it is correct
3.yes correct file is tranferred, i am transferring .jpg file to QBox through my mobile clients and it is showing when i am connecting locally.
where can i possoble go wrong?

crio-user of vsftpd_v1
and root of vsftpd_v1.conf.

Filename was the issue. Now resolved.