Assessment result

not getting any assessment result or mail to continue to next module

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Same here, I can see in the assessment tab that all test cases passed but didn’t get any mail about next module being unlocked.

Have to completed your Debrief ?

Showing “Debrief can’t be accessed yet”

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Did you assessment get passed?
Check if the code is successfully pushed or not ?
If you assessment get passed then debrief will be unlocked then complete the debrief !

Their website is not working properly try deleting cookies and logging in again and if still doesnt work wait for 10-15 minutes it will work after that
this is happening with me too after successfully passing the assignment

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typing for unit testing ? but no response in assignment result page from last 1 hr. Cleared cookies as well?

I completed the first debrief but second one is not getting unlocked. I am stuck there.

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today I pushed my code once again …
Everything up-to-date
Great Work! Your assessment report will be available shortly.
this has been shown on terminal but waiting for 10mins no mail arrived