Assessment Not Passing

I don’t know what is the problem with the code because I have worked for invalid date test case and even if nothing is passed in args[0], my 8 of the test cases are passing but still assessment not successful. From where should I check what the error could be because I am not even getting how many test cases are being passed during the assessment.

@Tarun30, can you check if you’re hardcoding anything?

Can you elaborate which test case is not passing ?

Refer to this FAQ, to understand why your test cases are failing

1->Ticker symbol getting from the previous module function
2->last date from args[1]
3->start date from purchase date in portfolio trade
4->token hardcoded
5->the number of symbols got from length function

Anything I am missing?

Actually I am not able to see my testcases after submitting my assessments I don’t know if it is an error or the a new feature

I will try the troubleshooting part.

My test files are same.

Task qmoney:compileTestJava failed!

My code was perfectly correct I did not know that you have to keep the previous function of mainReadFile as well. I have been debugging my code for the past 2 days for no reason at all. I cannot show how frustrating it was. When I uncommented the code voila.