Assessment not getting submitted

I am trying to submit my code for assessment but for some reason it not getting submitted, it is still on the last iteration of assessment and not getting updated to the latest submission. The git commands are running normally, no issues in that. I’ve tried hard refresh, re-login but no change

Hey, as you said there’s no issue with the push. Right?
After you push the files what does the assessment tab on the dashboard shows?

The status of the assessment is not changing (date-time, iteration)

If the status is not changing after you push, it means push is not happening.

  • Please make some changes in the file
  • git add .
  • git commit -m "COMMIT_MESSAGE"
  • git push -u origin master

And then please share the screen shot of your terminal.

I did not realise that I was trying to push the same file (already pushed file). I made some changes in the file and assessment got started.
Thank you!

It happens often, you always gotta make some changes (i.e white spaces) so that git recognises that the file has been modified. Good luck for future modules :slight_smile:

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