Assessment not getting started

Assessment is not getting started for you

Troubleshooting Steps

  • Refresh page just to make sure you are getting latest updates from Crio server on your progress

  • Ensure there are no files larger than 10MB in your code repository.

  • Ensure you have committed & pushed your code -
    If you go to this page, you should see your push event like shown below.

  • Try git force-push from terminal

  • You would have accepted current changes during the merge conflict in the CRIO/metadata.json
    file. And hence the assessment is being triggered for the previous module.

    Make sure you have the name of the module_stub given in
    Module_id key in the JSON.

    The value for this key should be the Current module you are in.
    For example, if you are in module 2, the JSON should be represented like this.

       "me_id": "ME_QBOX"

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If your assessment report doesn’t even after that ping Crio team for help.