Assessment issues for QPrep Approach/Concept Pack


  • Are you not getting assessment results after submission?
    – Are you sure you have submitted code? May be there are git push issue because of which submission didn’t go through. As given in instructions always do a git status after submit. If there are merge issues, you can refer to the FAQ given down below. Ensure you have committed & pushed your code: If you go to this page , you should see your push event like shown below.

    – Check your code for segfault if you are using C++ using various test cases.
    – See if you are having any infinite loops in your code.

  • After submit, git status shows files not being committed/pushed.
    Sometimes this happens where in, the variable developer_mode = True is incorrectly set.
    In that case, just set it to developer_mode = False and try doing submit again.

  • No assessment report when using git add/commit/push
    git add/commit/push event will not generate assessment report. You have to use with submit flag to get assessment report.

  • Run/Test/Assessment is not getting started because it complains of unmerged files
    – Look at this FAQ - Issues with python3 for QPrep

  • If you are using C++ and have core dump files, please delete them before submitting. If you have already committed your repo, please go to your gitlab repo and delete those files. Then do a pull in your workspace and then try to submit.

  • Compilation errors
    – Did you change the function signatures by any chance?
    – Have you added any extra imports by mistake? Sometimes the IDE adds them when you try to resolve import issues.

  • Sample test is passing when you run locally, but it fails when you trigger assessment
    – Good chance that your submit didn’t go through; You can easily to go to and see if your file has the latest changes.
    – Do git status to see if you have pending files to be committed. If so, do
    git add .
    git commit -m “Pushing files”
    git push
    Now make a small change in your solution file and use submit command again.