Assessment is not going on

My assessment is failing for last task, though the files are being transferred from both mobile and desktop. Can someone help me

Hey @Jaswanth20 According to instruction you have to look into vsftpd.log and you have to put this to at mentioned destination and make sure it is capturing log for successful transfer of files via ftp you can check it out by printing the content of vsftpd.log file using cat command

thank you @amanagar, it worked…

I failed on test 2

please help

There is no such mention in the notes of module 3 of the mentioned destination

Hey @shubh what is this don’t you know the meaning of cp command

i know sir its copying the log files from one directory to other. My doubt is when we upload files using external clients it gets uploaded in /home/crio-user/ but still my assessment is failing so i wanted to know if the files are to be uploaded in any other directory.

Hey @shubh have you checked your vsftpd.log file that it is capturing the logs of transfer of files between client and server which i have mentioned previously i think may be you are confused about instructions

Yes sir its capturing all the details.

then just copy it into the client_server directory and then if you have done everything correctly you will get build successful