Assessment is Failing

My check_QBox_server_OS assessment is failing but the terminal check is correct. can someone tell me why this is happening?


  • For the OS milestone, you only need to get the integer part of the ubuntu version number

  • Also, if you are hard-coding username like /home/cr7/somefolder , as the QBox application will be distributed to the world for installing, we’ll be terribly wrong to assume all the installing machines will have the username cr7 , so we want to use a general command to point to the folders. This could help
    My assesment built failed, cant find what is wrong

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The errors on your screen show the mistakes.
The free disk space in MB is quite large (9.9 TB!), is that correct?
The Ubuntu version only needs to be an integer with the part after the decimal stripped off. Check the version first and see if what is being printed is correct.

i changed the version to integer part only. But still the assessment failed. the free disk space is a large number. Is that the problem? do i need to reduce the number? Can someone help?

The free space has to be submitted in MBs. Check the unit of the space you are seeing in the file.

@ankitraj just like that photo? is that correct? (scroll to the top)

As @Kiran sir stated before, 9.9 TB (9968512 MB) is too large to for a server to have as a free space. You might be going wrong while reading your free space.

@ankitraj okay so i need a number close to 4.5 GB, right?

You shouldn’t be hard-coding anything. Cat the file which is required for this task in the terminal. Understand what you need from this file, use bash commands to get that particular value from the file.

i didnt hard code anything. i used the bash commands. i still dont get it


Probably just don’t grep the values, if the Value is in bytes/KBs you might be taking that same number and saying it is in MBs. Check on that, convert properly and verify.

The OS related assessment is failing for you. Please use /etc/os-release instead of hostnemectl as instructed.