Assessment failing,unable to figure out the mistake

Sir, i am struck here.I am unable to figure out the error in my code.
build is passing but assessment is failing.
I already handled the case in which end date is not given.I am struck from many hours.
This is the url of my workspace-
PLease have a look into it.

please, help.
I am suffering from this issue from tomorrow and not able to proceed.
Please look into my code.
Its is showing nullpointerexception.How can i handle this.

If you are getting the null pointer exception
Add a breakpoint in your code and debug it.

sir please give one another hint unable to understand what to do

Please look into my code, i am struck from yesterday.

Are you properly allocating memory in the returned lists?

I have thrown null pointer exception for the case when data doesnt exist for a given symbol.
But two tesycasses,
are failing during the build now.

these above testcases are failing with null pointer exception error.

I was facing a similar issue.
Hope it helps.

can u further explain about which static variables you are talking?

Sir,Please check my code,I am struck from yestrdy eveniing.
Workspace url-

it is failing two cases
I also thrown null pointer exception.

In your case NULLPointerException might be occuring because you might be trying to give null reference to an object means May be at a particular date at which you are trying to calculate returns , the url is not returning any data.

Hi @Naman

I understand your frustration of having been stuck on same task for so long with no solution in sight. For starters, can you please share the full screenshot of the terminal so that we know which cases are failing?

As for how to resolve them, the best way for you to get assistance on forum will be to show which cases are failing. You can find them written on terminal when you run the build command.

As a generic suggestion, since right now I cannot see which cases are failing, I can only suggest you to go over forum, see if anyone faced same failed test as you did and what was the solution to it. Also, try checking once if you have followed all TODOs to the last letter.

Let me know if this issue persists!

the error is null pointer exception. I don’t know wht is the mistake.
I had written,
the code which is returning the data to tiingo object inside the try block and in catch block i am trhoughinig the exception
throw new NullPointerException.

Naman can you try to throw running time exception when end date is before the start date. Hope it will help you. I think their is no data in string for processing so you have to be casefull about the string you are using. After using the string value properly deference the string variable.