Assessment failed for Module 2

I am getting this a output still assessment failed
OS is Ubuntu which is required for QBox
Ubuntu version is 18 which is sufficient for QBox
Apart from this running /etc/os-release says permission denied.
What can be the solution?

make sure you did not hardcoded any of them and version number should be in integer form.

if /etc/os-release says permission denied in your terminal try to run it with sudo

I figured out the error and the report is a success!! Thank You!

Hey, could you please give me hints how you resolved permission denied error since i am also getting the same

I m still working on it…i m so sorry for not being able to assist you. As soon as I will get to the core i will tell you :slight_smile:

It’s Alright :slightly_smiling_face:

hey,how did u solve ur error ?,getting same error