Assessment fail even after passing all the tests in workspace

In Module 3, When I run the commands given, its showing build sucess, also when I debug all the tests are passing. There seems to be no error anywhere but when I submit for assessment following error is occurring:- “There was some issue running your testcases! Try following the hint given below.”

Also there are no hints given. My unit testing file says “build failed” only.

Hi @ankyy,
This occurs normally. It’s because they are running more unit tests apart from those provided to us.

You could try thinking about cases like,

  1. Am I hardcoding values anywhere?
  2. Can the methods I used return null in any situation? If so, how should I handle it?
  3. Check on edge cases for arguments to methods - should/does the method behave differently?

Can you please name the test that you are failing

Please elaborate more about the testcase you are failing.

It does not show any test cases

have u checked the build and check the checkstyle errors …and make sure there is no spot bugs
./gradlew build (something like that )

Can u share the screenshot of the whole email you got about build failed

I have checked all these things I am getting this response after running ./gradlew build “TEST RESULT: SUCCESS

can u download and show unit testing log

Oh man
This is not good
Can u help in this case

It’s working now, I was hardcoding the LocalDate.

Hey, check your mail. The assessment report their always shows the failed case, even if its not visible on the dashboard. That should help you in future.

I’ll be empty. It always is in these modules.