Assessment Error

confirm_server_listening test case is getting failed. i’m stuck in this error

Maybe your server was not listening when you copied your log file. Start the server, ensure its listening(hint: use netstat -an combined with grep for easy reading). Copy the log file again and submit(milestone task 1)

Is your issue resolved??? Facing same issue… only confirm_Server_listening test case is failing.

What to do?? I started the server and it is listening too and also copied log file in the client_server directory…still facing build failure

i am also facing same issue

Is your issue resolved. I’m still stuck

Hey im facing issues with confirm_client_server_communication. Can u help me out?

For your issue, go to the server_connections log and check if is listening or not… if it does then submit again, or else run the last command in milestone task 1 and try to submit again :smiley: This worked for me

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