Assertion error in module 2

i have handled the case where startdate >enddate by raising runtimeException .

Hi @ravi,

Have you tried using the Debug test option to pinpoint where the code is going wrong?
(If not, you can do so either directly from the PortfolioManagerApplicationTest file or from the Test tab in VScode)

You need to keep 2 things in mind.:

  1. If start date>end date then throw appropriate exception (look for it in test file.)

  2. If data for end date is not available then give output accordingly (the output should not be empty for this case)

Take a look at tests provided and see what are the expectes output and then modify your code accordingly

See assertion error comes when your code output does not matches with expected output. So, just use Debugger to find what’s going wrong with your logic.

thanks a lot guys , @nabhanpv @visargdesai @akashchhetri

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