Assertion error : Failed Unit Testing

  1. Failed Unit Testing
    Log file says :
    ______________ TestSocialSharing.test_post_to_facebook_share_cli _______________

self = <tests.test_views.TestSocialSharing object at 0x3e810e1a2cf8>

def test_post_to_facebook_share_cli(self):

    facebook = restaurants.facebook_post.Facebook()
    image_url = ''
    my_name = self.get_user_name()

    message = my_name + ' completed FACEBOOK CLI module! @ {}'.format(str(
    facebook.publish_photo_msg(message, image_url)

    facebook_test_util = FacebookTestUtil()
  assert facebook_test_util.check_whether_message_is_published(message, image_url)

E AssertionError: assert False
E + where False = <bound method FacebookTestUtil.check_whether_message_is_published of <tests.test_views.FacebookTestUtil object at 0x3e81128f25c0>>(‘Assessment completed FACEBOOK CLI module! @ 2020-03-08 14:39:59.676793’, ‘’)
E + where <bound method FacebookTestUtil.check_whether_message_is_published of <tests.test_views.FacebookTestUtil object at 0x3e81128f25c0>> = <tests.test_views.FacebookTestUtil object at 0x3e81128f25c0>.check_whether_message_is_published

tests/ AssertionError

  1. How much time have you spent debugging this issue?
    I have worked more than 2 hrs , still I couldn’t understand what happened.

There is some error in

The assertion error is due to logical error.
Check whether u r able to print the message correctly or not.

my “” has few errors, but I haven’t touched till now .
Is that a problem ?

Use the correct access token inside the json format. Ensure to update the file correctly.

Following issues will be there -

  • You are passing the wrong parameter.
  • your format of data is wrong.
  • Could you please confirm - Did you follow the TODO and add required things into

Read this -


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