Assertion error :failed the unit testing

i checked the unit testing log it said that
assert facebook_test_util.check_whether_message_is_published(message, image_url)
E AssertionError: assert False
E + where False = <bound method FacebookTestUtil.check_whether_message_is_published of <tests.test_views.FacebookTestUtil object at 0x3ec883ab25c0>>(‘Assessment completed FACEBOOK CLI module! @ 2020-01-25 12:18:25.512951’, ‘’)
E + where <bound method FacebookTestUtil.check_whether_message_is_published of <tests.test_views.FacebookTestUtil object at 0x3ec883ab25c0>> = <tests.test_views.FacebookTestUtil object at 0x3ec883ab25c0>.check_whether_message_is_published

tests/ AssertionError

the error says that i have failed to publish the picture but my picture is shown in the #showcase with the caption. How do i debug this issue?

just checkout your json format which and checkout have you passed every argument correctly which is provided in parameters message and image_url.

are you talking about this

look into your json format which you using to post your image

my json format is
is this the correct format?

Check if you have hardcoded any values

sir, I have not hardcoded anything still getting this error in unit testing

Sir, my code is failing unit testing despite i haven’t hardcoded anything. Please, do have a look!

@Pooja @pkd12 Please create a new thread with the output from the log file of the unit test if you haven’t hardcoded anything. This thread is closed.