Aren't we rewriting the file in Module 4

I have a basic question regarding the put and get on module 4.
When we are uploading the 1GB file from the server to client, we put it from ftp_server to the ftp_client folder.
Now, when we download the file in the ftp_server folder, the file was already there as we created the file there initially, so aren’t we rewriting the file again by downloading it?

just use different filenames.
eg i did put x to ftp_client/y
then while get i used get ftp_client/y to xy

another basic doubt I have is, lets say our cd or remote or server directory is ftp_server and our lcd or local or client directory is ftp_client… so, when we use put command, we are transferring the files from ftp_server to the ftp_client or is it the other way round?

just make sure by transferring a file ? make sure to use different file names just to be sure.
also use put with different file names to make sure :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m still confused about this. How to not overwrite the file while downloading in ftp_server?

You can change the file name to avoid overwriting.

got it. Thank you very much.

Think about it like this.
In practical cases, we will be using the client application(an app or a website) on our laptop. So, get is for geting files(ie, downloading) and put is for puting files(ie, uploading).

Hope it helps :slight_smile: