AndFTP cannot connect

Desktop client is working but I cant connect to AndFTP mobile client
Can somebody help?

Google how to use ANDftp, you’ll find a YouTube video with what you need to know

I saw videos. but an error is coming as connection closed without indication

read the original configuration file and look for any recommendations

Is your server running when you are trying to establish the connection?

Run your server
Follow these steps to upload and download and also connect to the server

in case of filezilla yes
but not mobile

how did u solve it? I’m still stuck there

What’s your error exactly?

it just says 500 oops its not visible bt the point is i added a new user bt i dont know how to use this new user here in AndFTP and there’s smthng about directory access

Hey in my case i was putting the password wrong. Check all the inputs properly. The ip address should be your crio workspace ip. Port 8081. Username crio-user and password is your workspace password.

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thannnnxxxx . I don’t think i typed it wrong earlier bt copy paste worked :joy:

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