Ambiguous todo's on pull : got half todo's midway between older todo's

After pulling the code and accepting incoming changes I got a todo’s in between my older todo’s which is creating confusion if I have got right todo’s or incomplete or misplaced , please clear this doubt by checking my todo’s so that I can prceed ahead
@akashchhetri @AmoghaKS @Amogha_Crio_TA @amanagar

Hey right next to the TODO’s is the module name, since you are in module 4, you have the refactor Module, can you refer according to it,
Module 4 is basically refactoring the code that have done in module 1,2,3
Here are some FAQ’s to get you started with module 4:

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You pulled and accepted right TODO’s just move forward and do task as per TODO’s. :slight_smile:

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thank you so much :slight_smile: