Am i going right or not?

There isn’t any file in PortfolioManagerApplicationTest named mainReadFile.
How can i proceed?

PortfolioManagerApplicationTest contains some test cases which you can use to test your code before submitting for assessment. mainReadFile is a method in in which you have to write your code. That test case is testing the mainReadFile method.

I am not able to find beaker anywhere that is shown in the picture please help stuck here from a complete day

you need to specifically click on drop down arrow to see all tests

Just clicking on portfoliomanagerapplicationtest wont work

And if your beaker icon is not visible on left side panel, reset workspace and wait for all the processing to complete.

make sure ur internet is working well too and u have build the java workspace

click on the little downward arrow to open the tests under that and then run debug.
you can do one more thing:
in you workspace go to qmoney->src->tests->
or directly search for that file and open it.
In that file above every function you’ll see a run test and debug test option. you can use that to do the debug test.

mark it as solution if it works