Alphavantage and Tiingo Assertion Error


I am facing this assertion error.

Everything else is working fine. Other values are correct.

Assertion error is thrown here:

The problem is when I use the provided rest template, the value returned from the API is null. When I create a new restTemplate locally then there is the assertion error.

Can anyone explain the problem and send me in the right direction.

This type of error occur due to two reasons.
1> check your api url on postman and use the correct one
2> If you are not following the todos and you are not using String.class in getForObject method .
you have to convert to the java objects later first take that response in string format than map it to java object you will get rid of this error

use this thread for more info

I think, you may not have read the question. I have an issue with the rest Template object which we get from testing functions.

Doesn’t solve my issue.

The getForObject called should be getForObject(String, String,class);