AlphavanageService test MismatchedInputException

From the error i know the cause of the error is that response from the api is not being mapped to json object properly, however following the links of json annotation , i have done things like for annotating setter method and but i am still not able to solve this error, I am trying to figure out what i should do but I am not to get a crack at it, can anyone guide me on this.

Hey, firstly check you alphavantage candle. If the response coming from the API can be mapped, then this error will be gone. If not, then you have to figure it out, there can be an error in you aplhavantage candle.

Do we have to include Meta Data also during the mapping along with time series(daily).

No that’s is not relevant.

No, it’s doesn’t matter. If you want to confirm why this doesn’t matter. Just trigger that url in the postman and see the response coming from it. You just need the dates and the closing values.

  1. Use postman and understand API response. And understand why you’re getting mismatchedInputException.

  2. And after that just explore dto folder and find files named as Understand their functionalities.

  3. Use them in AlphavantageService.