Alpha Vantage returning only 6 Values

I have checked out this link: WHY alphavantage api is returning data for only 6 random dates? and Issue with AlphaVantage API (Deleted before it could be answered).

The sample of API call I am making is:

I have copied it from debug output to ensure it is as accurate as possible, with only change being replacing my API key with DEMO. While the API returns full result when tested in browser and Postman, its not working from the code. I tried making the API call from debug console and I got the same result, 6 random values.

I’d appreciate any insights as to where I may be wrong. @anand-crio

@shoryajain have look at the below link

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Hey, @shoryajain is your issue resolved, please let me know today by 10 pm. If no reply comes today by 10 pm, I’m closing this topic.

I had deleted this post yesterday itself and now when I am trying to delete it it is not letting me do that.

It was resolved yesterday itself.

No need to delete it, just post that your issue is resolved.