All tests fail, even after repeated anaylsis

Original post : All tests fail, even after repeated analysis

Any hints on the number of versions for one of the cases will help me narrow down the issue. For instance, can I know(over dm) how many versions have incorrect file transfer versions? Not the name of the versions, just the number. Thanks!

Read the answers on Forum. You will get a lot of hints. Also there is office hour going on, do attend that.

Thanks, I am on the call.
I am clear about how to perform the client-server transaction and have kept most of the pointers in mind while testing. Just need a check so I can determine whether my approach is really broken

You will know everything on the call :slight_smile:

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Some of your answers are wrong and some of the files have .txt extensions. You need not have those extensions. Just keep the file names as specified.

Ok, will modify the file names and then work on answers that are wrong :+1:

All tests passed! I had to remove .txt from my filenames :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: