All tests are passing but assessments is failing

2020-03-04 14:16:07,314 unitTesting INFO Running gradle test
2020-03-04 14:16:26,295 unitTesting INFO Gradle test run complete
2020-03-04 14:16:26,298 unitTesting INFO Build failed

this is coming as the log . What should i do?
. Qmoney frontend is also working without any error

Your hidden test case are failing for that module. Can you tell me which test case is failing ?

at com.crio.warmup.stock.quotes.AlphavantageService.getStockQuote(

i found the error but how can i resolve it?

Try debugging your alphavantageService

i have debugged from the test case provided . It’s working fine . Now from which test can i debug can you elaborate?

Your build failed during assessment, it would have shown which test case you failed, can you name that testcase

in the error file only the above output is coming that i have mentioned

Check for that particular line and see where is this null coming from.
you can use following things -

  • Try using print statement.
  • Use debugger - Put a break point and confirm if all data is coming.

“Note”: “Thank you for using Alpha Vantage! Our standard API call frequency is 5 calls per minute and 500 calls per day. Please visit https://www.alpha if you would like to target a higher API call frequency.”
this is coming

I made new key and than submitted assessment than also failing

Just do one thing initialize the rest template for AlphaService also. It all definitely helps you.

Hi @Samyak_Jain

The logs in this ME are not the best source for understanding where the code fails. Can you please share the screenshot of assessment report which shows which test cases are failing.

Also, going by the thread, you are facing a null pointer exception. It’ll be helpful to everyone trying to help if you could add some breakpoints, run a debug test and see what exactly is null that is causing the error. That way, we can suggest you solutions on how to resolve it.

This may help: