All testcases are passed and build is successful still the assessment not passing

My local testcases are passed and build is also successful without any checkstyles and spotbugs issues and also i didnt hardcode anything.
still the assessments are not getting passed and logs doesn’t provide much info for debugging

    `2020-03-04 07:22:04,964 unitTesting  INFO     Running gradle test
     2020-03-04 07:22:26,215 unitTesting  INFO     Gradle test run complete
     2020-03-04 07:22:26,219 unitTesting  INFO     Build failed`

Can you elaborate which test case is failing ?

unit testing got failed. there is no other info in the logs.
my local test cases got passed but assessment failed i have mentioned the contents of the log after build failure.

Let me check your code first.

It got submitted after pasting few of the unused functions from module 1 thank you for your time.

Same Problem with me.

Are you checking for the cases when the

  • endDate isn’t provided as an argument
  • stock data isn’t available for the provided endDate

I think @nabhanpv is correct your code might be missing these :

  • endDate is not provided as args[1]

  • The endDay might be a off day and no data is available for the particular day.