All Images posted to facebook have Biryani images

All Images posted to facebook via QATS app have Biryani images by default. In , there is an api which isn’t working. on printing response text,it says too many requests.

I think the images are picked up randomly from views folder rather then uploading from our directory or URLS (In module 2).

No, in , uploader function takes img_base64 and upload it on web with the help of an api. If the api’s response is not a success then default image_url will be of biryani which has been already uploaded previously. After all this, upoader function returns the url of the image. As api’s response is not a success , it by default returns biryani’s url.

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@rohitj Did you resolve it?

No…only this bit isn’t working . everything else is on place.


  1. Make sure you have not hardcoded anything which is to be passed as a variable.
  2. Use all parameters of the function.
  3. Make sure the image URL that you are using is public and does not require login.

still struck :frowning: can anybody help?

sir, the problem was with API’s credentials. When I used my own credentials, It worked perfectly.
BTW, my mini project is completed. :grin:

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Great news. Congratulations!

Sir, there was one more problem,
when user share a review, the app sends a dictionary to the backend, where dictionary is supposed to have img,text,orderId,tags and share. But… it is missing orderId, that’s why I was getting assertion error. I fixed it temporarily by giving it a dummy orderId . please look at this too

Still stuck with this issue.(Getting the default image(Biryani))

this is a response I saw from

It’s actually not this problem. Read my other comments.