After running git checkout spring application not running?

Before this command git checkout ME_QMONEY_MODULE_ADDITIONAL_REFACTOR all things work fine.
Why I"m facing this…

This error is intentionally introduced as a part of your milestone task.
You dont have to worry.
I hope it helps

give me some hints, what I have to do…

Follow the instructions in the milestones given
As I said this error is a part of milestone

Just follow the instructions written in module. You’re in right direction. This is intentional. In this module Moto is you have to handle this kind of situations where user is expose to the what is behind the seen. You have to handle exceptions occurred during API call, response processing etc. And show to the user where is the problem with proper error message. Rest of all you will understand in module.

Happy Coding :smiley:
All the the best for next of the modules!

Got it :+1:
Thanks :smile:

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