Abnormal connection termination details assessment failed

Why is this error ?
python3 /ankurp187-ME_QBOX-e6c10122-563d-11ea-ae78-57e65dc24ec8/ME_QBOX_MODULE_ANALYZING_PROTOCOL_SOLUTION/analyzing_protocol/pcap_check_connection_termination.py /ankurp187-ME_QBOX-e6c10122-563d-11ea-ae78-57e65dc24ec8/ankurp187-ME_QBOX/analyzing_protocol/abnormal_connection_termination_details returncode > 0! Check your code.

I think, it is saying file not found. But I have the file.
@Kiran sir, Please have a look.

Either file not found
Or file was not written in correct format

Check this out!
This problem is already answered several times on the forum please go through it.

Check this out. This might help: