Abnormal connection termination assessment failing

We have to write first instance where the connection stops abruptly.
I find the first packet where RST flag is set. Is it wrong?

Then we have to give an example of a packet with fine termination
In this i find first packet with Fin flag set.
Am i doing it wrong?

Hey the file should have 2 lines separated.
1st line the packet number.
2nd line the explanation.

Actually we have to write 3 things.
Line 1 : Pakcet number which abnormal termination
Line 2 : Who initiated abnormal termination
Line 3 : Packet with normal termination

And i have done in this format only.

Hey @rohit357,

Is your issue resolved?

you’re in the right direction with the first one.

But not in second … please read instructions carefully you have to mention all the packets comma-separated which are taking part in termination.

Yeah i studied it on google now. Thanks. But i am still getting it wrong. I wrote fin-ack, ack, fin-ack, ack. It’s failing. Can you help?

Fin-ack, ack, fin-ack, ack are flags not packets.

Hint: flags are in the packet.

Oh i mean i wrote the packets in order like this
First with fin-ack , then ack, then fin-ack, ack.

No you’re going wrong. check this out

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I am still not getting. I did it in the simplest form. A finishes. B acknowledges. B finishes. A acknowledges.
But it is still showing failure.

Yes you’re right!!! but there are special flags symbols up when the communication terminates normally.

This really helped, I was stuck from an hour for this milestone. Thanks

it is mentioned in one of the faqs how the packets can be copied

oh i didn’t see that Thanks. I tried that and it didn’t work

you need to put only the packet numbers and not packets. use the file you used to monitor file transfer.
just now got it resolved Milestone 4: Which pcap file to use?

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But I don’t have any fin packets in that file.

You don’t need to find in that file. The file you created named ping_traceroute.pcap you have to find here.

Use wireshark filter to gef those packets right and one more thing of connectivity is abnormal so there must me reconnection. So research on that which flag you have to see.

Got it! Thanks everyone.

how did you solve this?

By mentioning only the packet numbers and not pasting the whole packets.