550 Failed to open file

after uploading the file ‘upload.txt’ successfully, am unable to download it…

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@jaypatel does the file on the server exists that you are trying to download ?

same problem, can anyone help?

@shubhmpan97 please see if the file that you are trying to download exists there.

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@divyanshu how to check the file on server?

just check in /home/crio-user for the file you’ve uploaded.

@divyanshu ok i just saw the contents and download file is not on server but upload.txt is there. what to do?

yes, upload.txt is there because you have uploaded it, just completed the task that is asked @shubhmpan97

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ok i got it the download.txt was in ftp server directory.thanks for helping

@shubhmpan97 good luck. :+1:

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@shubhmpan97 and @divyanshu do we have to copy the download.txt from ftp_server to crio-user home directory to use get download.txt ??

Thanks man :pray:
It works for me

great :+1: @surya12 .