550 failed to open file.. anyone help?


even though it says upload is done when i check the ftp_server dir there is no upload.txt
and get command is not working at all can anyone help??

the dir paths are :

and for files are :

did you got the solution???

yup i figured it out

how did you get it i am stuck here please tell

you need to check what is local current directory and which one is current directory

what is the need of checking the directory i am running this command in my ftp_server directory and it is showing this
ftp> get download.txt
local: download.txt remote: download.txt
200 PORT command successful. Consider using PASV.
550 Failed to open file.

what i meant to say is that you need to specify what is current directory and local current directory to start transfer between the directories

so do i have to put path along with the put and get command like "put filename.txt path(/workspace/ftp_server/) like this??

no you need to specify the current directory using cd command
and current working directory using lcd command

i cannot completely tell the answer i gave you a hint now just check about these commands!

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can you just tell what basically we have to do like do we have to transfer actual file let say download.txt should be transfered from ftp_server directory to ftp_client directory is it the thing which we have to achieve??

after successful login to ftp
your first command will be cd ~/workspace/ftp_server

and you can check the get command now

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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my upload.txt was successfully transfered to home directory but what i was doing was i was running my ftp server in my ftp_server directory but didn’t why that wasn’t working the same you did worked but why my approach wasn’t working

you need to use ftp command from ftp_client

ok got it running thanks

welcome :slight_smile: