550/553 error permission denied


The 5xx error falls under the permanent negative completion reply status of the FTP server. And, it means that the FTP server did not accept the command and the requested action did not take place. Furthermore, a 5xx error denotes File system errors in the FTP server.

Overall, the 550 error means the file was not found or there are access restrictions for the file.


  1. Check if you have given the permissions for write_enable in the vsftpd config file.
    I.E: set write_enable=YES
    And restart the vsftpd server.

  2. Check whether the file that has to be uploaded/downloaded -> exists/has the right permissions to be uploaded/downloaded. If the file has root permission, then the transfer would not take place.

You can change the permissions using

sudo chown crio-user filename

sudo chgrp crio-user filename
  1. Make sure you have given permission to enable log_ftp_protocol in the vsftpd.conf file.
    I.E log_ftp_protocol=YES