500 OOPS: vsftpd: not found: directory given in 'secure_chroot_dir':/usr/share/empt

when this error comes
so we open a new terminal and make new directory
to the given address

but why do we need to do this ?
I didn’t get it
to make a new directory

Hi @hrithik_cr7
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Hi! @hrithik_cr7

Can you provide steps to generate error ?
Commands you used.

Secure_chroot_dir is variable which decides which dir you will be in initially when ftp server is connected.

This value can be set to ~/workspace

Also share your .conf file for futher insight.

so even I can give this command
in vsftpd.conf so that this error won’t generate again

I gave the command
ftp 8081
than this error was generated

Hi @hrithik_cr7 i
instead of /usr/share/empty
Give workspace dir path it will help in long run.